Monday, January 6, 2014

52 Pick-Up | Week 1 | Project "Keefer 52" |

Week 1 of Project Keefer 52 is in the books, well, in the internets. 52 weeks, 52 cards, and a big gamble- I think that's a good way to kick this thing off. Keefer was very willing to participate with this one after I explained that we would be making a big mess with a deck of cards. So, no Lego bribery was required. 

This was a good test of my timing. Since I was working alone, I had to throw up the cards, grab the camera, compose the shot, and press the shutter-all before the cards hit the floor. Of course, I nailed it on the first shot.........yeah right!

From the technical aspect, this capture was pretty simple and straight forward with one light and a black background.  However, I wanted to see how far I could push my Fuji X100s camera and an Alien Bees 1600 strobe. The answer is yes, they can be pushed far, very far. I'll get into all that in the nerdy section below. 

So, thanks for following along. Stay tuned for Week 2, it will be "polarizing." I'll also be keeping all of the photos from this project over on my Flickr page. You can find that portfolio here

NERD ALERT! Keep reading for all the nitty gritty technical info from "52 Pick-up"

Equipment used:

Camera: Fuji X100s
Strobe: Alien Bees 1600
Shoot through umbrella
Sync cable 
Backdrop: Westcott 5x6 collapsable background


Aperture: f/8 
Shutter: 1/4000th 
ISO: 200
Strobe power: 3/4

The leaf shutter on the Fuji x100s allows flash sync speeds faster than that of a DSLR-way faster. David Hobby writes about this over on the Strobist. He shows how the leaf shutter, ND filter, and a sync cable combination allows you to shoot at high noon with a wide open aperture and a small strobe. So, I asked myself, could I shoot indoors, at 1/4000th and at f/8? That answer is...YES!

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