Monday, February 24, 2014

Motley Kid | Keefer 52 | Week 8

Spiked hair and knuckle tattoos. I can't believe he went for it.  Keefer hates his hair spiked, like, really hates it. I had to pull out the big guns (a Lego mini-figure) to get full compliance with week 8 of my personal project called "Keefer 52". Hopefully this will convince him that he rocks the spiked hair well. 

I used two lights for this shot. One speedlight directed to the black background for separation. The second (main light) speedlight is over top on a C-stand. The main light is modified with a 24" soft box. I didn't do much post-production for this one. I cleaned up his skin, added some sharpness, and removed the orange jello from his lips. 

Hopefully this photo will give him the street-cred he needs to be accepted by the metalheads of the world. 

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