Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Silhouetter | Week 7 | Keefer 52

I'm not going to lie, all the snow we had this week along with the Valentines Day holiday, I was pressed for time with this week's installment of Keefer 52. Elaborate composites, exotic locations, and complicated lighting set-ups were out of the question. This week had to be simple and quick for me to pull it off. Sometimes though, for me, simple is better.

My inspiration for this silhouette came from my elementary school days. Our teacher had us sit between the wall and the overhead projector. The light silhouetted our profiles onto the wall where she would then trace the outline onto construction paper. The paper was then cut out and framed to make nice gifts for our parents. 

I used that same concept to create this image, but I used a camera and soft box instead of a projector and paper. I placed a huge soft box with an Alien Bee 1600 strobe behind Keefer to create the white background. I had to dial in the strobe's power just right to prevent the light from wrapping around Keefer's face and creating a lens flare. I set the Nikon D800 camera's shutter speed to the max sync speed (1/250th) to cut the ambient light and black-out his profile. In photoshop, I just cleaned up the image a bit and added the border.

So there you have it. Week 7 of Keefer 52. A simple and quick silhouette that, for me, brings back a fond memory of my own childhood.

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