Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sierra-November-Lima | Keefer 52 | Week 11

So yeah, I'm a huge fan of "Saturday Night Live". Well, I DVR it, so I guess you could say I'm a huge fan of "Sunday Morning Recorded".  Aside from the monologue, the skits, and the music, one thing about the show that I also look forward to are the celebrity portraits that are used as bumpers when the show returns from commercial breaks. So, for this week's Keefer 52 photo, I decided to honor those portraits and recreate one for week 11.

Since 1999, Mary Ellen Matthews, a New York City based photographer, has been shooting these images of celebrities and musical guests for SNL. The signature look she uses is minimalistic, dramatic, harshly lit, and cropped to the same aspect ratio as your TV. The session takes place right at the studio where the show is taped, and it often happens while the musical guest is warming up. How cool must that vibe be, huh?  Please check out a bunch of the portraits here, and take a look at a little behind the scenes video here.

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