Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's all the K-Motion?

Week 13 of the Keefer 52 Project is here, and we were finally able to get outside for this photo. It's been a long winter that has spilled into spring. I have been getting into a creative rut trying to come up with ideas for the project while locked in the house. Thankfully, the cold and snowy weather seems to be slowly leaving us, and we can now get outdoors for the project.

This is the 13th week of Keefer 52, so, we are 25% of the way through!

It's not easy to get Keefer to sit still for a photo (especially outside) so I decided to show some motion in this week's photo. I mounted the camera on a tripod, screwed an ND filter (kinda like sunglasses for the lens) on, slowed the shutter speed down to blur Keefer's movement, and told him to keep racing by. Fun for him, fun for me. It was a win-win. See you next week!

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