Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sweet Emotion

When I first started producing photos on a professional level, I was convinced that all the photos I created had to be technically perfect. If a photo was blurry, the color was off, or the exposure was too light or too dark, it wasn't a keeper. Delete....delete delete......delete. That's how I rolled. I was concentrating too much on the technical end of photography and not enough on what really mattered....emotion.

I had a photographic epiphany a few years ago in, of all places, a diner. My wife had order a grilled cheese sandwich. When it was served, it was your standard grilled cheese from a diner. It had white bread, a processed yellow cheese type substance, it was burnt a little, and it had enough grease to lubricate a fifth wheel on a tractor-trailer. But when my wife took a bite of that disheveled sandwich, she blurted out "Man, this is the best grilled cheese ever!" I was like "Whaaaaaaaat?

Then it hit me. That sandwich took her back to her childhood. It created, yes, you guessed it, emotion. A perfectly prepared grilled cheese, cooked with some fancy bread that I couldn't even pronounce, and a cheese made from the milk of a french speaking cow probably would have tasted really good, but man, nothing tastes better than sweet emotion.

The same theory applies to photography. An emotionless photo that is perfectly sharp and composed  with just the right light and color balance might get a few likes on Facebook. It might get a compliment or even a pat on the back. But throw some emotion into that photo....Boom, that thing will get printed out and given the ultimate compliment, a prime spot front and center on the fridge.

So here is week 19 of the Keefer 52 project. Hopefully that genuine smile will get him on the big time....the fridge.

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