Monday, June 16, 2014


When I decided to start the Keefer 52 project, my goal was not to choose one style of photography and repeat it weekly with a different concept. I really wanted to push myself into different realms of photography and create work that I may not normally do. That's how you learn, right? My high school art teacher always preached "If you study only what you love, you will never became educated." I didn't give those words much credit back then, but, as usual, those wise adults in our young lives were usually right. So, for week 23, I let my camera and this project push me over the edge and right into the world of abstract photography.

I was tempted to google "abstract photo portraits", but I felt that might lead me to copy someone else's work. So, I decided instead to experiment with multiple exposure mode in the camera and see where that took me. At first, it took me down a road of frustration. Trying to layer photos into the same image without the use of photoshop was, well, trying. But, I kept pressing on and promising Keefer that Lego Minis were in his future for his patience and cooperation.

After many attempts, and some really bad stinkers, I was able to come up with what you see above. It may not be my style, heck, it may not even be abstract, but I kinda dig it. Being so dark and odd, I doubt that I'll be getting calls from the grandparents looking for prints of this week. Oh well, there's always next week!

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