Friday, June 20, 2014

Send Me a Texture | Keefer 52 | Week 24

Do you remember that week of project Keefer 52 that I missed? Well, since the Keef-meister is out of school for the summer, and Daddy Day Care is in full effect, I have absolutely no good reason to not provide awesome weekly updates for the project. So, you are all in for a treat. Today is make-up day. A special Saturday Morning edition of Keefer 52-just for you. This is week 24.

On the top of my Friday checklist was this project, so we headed out to a place I drive by every day and say to myself, "Man, that would be a great background for a photo." I also haven't used the Ol' Fuji x100s camera for Keefer 52 in a while, so that was today's weapon of choice.

I also have to tell you about where the inspiration came from for this shot, and actually for a lot of my work. David Hobby is a former Baltimore Sun photographer who now runs a blog called the Strobist. He is very generous to share the skills he gained as a photojournalist, specifically the use of off-camera flash. His Lighting 101 class single-handedly upped my game as a photographer. A photo he posted here pushed me to finally pull the trigger and take this shot on the textured wall I had been driving by for years. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Hobby.

So there it is, we are all caught up. Enjoy!

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