Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shaaaaadow.....Hi Shadow : Week 21 : Keefer 52

Users of the world wide internets were undoubtedly experiencing great pain and anguish last Tuesday when they fired up their laptops, smartphones, or whatever type of internet communicator that they might use to view the latest installment of the Keefer 52 project. It wasn't there. Not even a casual remark as to where in the heck week 21 might be. All was not right in the world.

I have no good excuses why I robbed you of week 21, I only have a few mediocre reasons that include feline pancreatitis, a wedding anniversary, and some really nice weather. So, to make it up, I will post either 2 photos this week, or perhaps make it Keefer 53. In the meantime, while I make this tough decision, here is week 21....posted during week 22. Making a shadow the main subject is the theme. Enjoy. See you next week, or later this week!

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