Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make it Rain

Week 30 of the Keefer 52 project took us outside on a nice, mild, and sunny, September day. Wait, what? Yes, this photo was taken in broad daylight without a cloud in the sky. Here's how we did it. Behind Keefer is a small speed light on a stand aimed straight up. He is holding a light modifying shoot-through umbrella. I cranked the camera's aperture way down to let in very little light. This blocked out the daylight and only allowed the light from the speed light to show in the photo. With the camera set on a tripod, I was able to focus and shoot with one hand, while I aimed the garden hose in the air to fall down like rain. The light caught the flying droplets and created the illusion of rain. I can only imagine what our neighbors and the people driving by were thinking when they saw us two goofballs spraying water and taking pictures, but I think it was worth it!

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